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Introducing "Divot Brow"
By Art DelFavero RM522

Two matching nickels were featured in the "Three's a Match" section in the spring 2009 BoTales. Both coins had been submitted by carver and collector Keith Pedersen. Fast forwarding to October of 2013, I was offered a nickel for the price of $225 that matched Keith's entries. Though quite unique in style, the only prominent carving feature that stuck out to me was the deep crevice in front of the eye just under the brow. I now introduce to you "Divot Brow."

Click to view enlargment. Click to view enlargment. Click to view enlargment.

The carving characteristics for "Divot Brow" are as follows:

1. All carvings subjects come off as exaggerated in style.
2. All hats are lined or textured and have similar pointed end brims.
3. A mixture of engraving and punching techniques are used.
4. LIBERTY and Date is left intact.
5. A large divot in front of the eye just under the brow.
6. A double lined collar ending in a < to create a ribbon effect (on two specimens).
7. Extremely altered head shape and face with nice work in field areas.
8. Head, face and eyebrow hair punched in.
9. An extremely pronounced nose with enhanced nostril and cut behind nostril.
10. The curve of the top of the hat continues down the back of the head.