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Introducing "Fro-Bo"
Arturo DelFavero, RM552

In the year 2000 I was fortunate enough to purchase a classic era hobo nickel at an Ann Arbor, Michigan coin shop. My business partner and I had stopped in to buy, sell, and trade estate jewelry. I asked the owner if he had any hobos and to my surprise, he said yes one, but it wasn’t for sale. He quickly retrieved it and asked what I would offer if it were for sale, I replied $75. He pushed the coin in my direction and said you own it.

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The Carving Characteristics for "Fro-Bo" are listed as follows:

1) Afro-like hair on head and face.
2) Tight to the chin beard.
3) Similarly, constructed hats with bands, X shaped bow, and brim cutting through above LIBERTY.
4) Slightly altered profiles.
5) Obscured ears on two with later date carving showing a more progressed one.
6) Accentuated lips.
7) Unaltered eyes.
8) LIBERTY and partial LIBERTY left remaining.
9) Well-dressed fields.
10) High collars with possible tie knot adornment.
11) Dates remain on two specimens.