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Introducing "Knurly Derby"
By Chris Dempsey, LM64

Known "Knurly Derby" carvings are average quality carvings, with the primary identifier being the zigzag pattern on the ribbon of the derby which is created using a knurling tool. The first carving appeared online in October of 2012. The second carving I located in the OHNS auction archives from the 2008 auction, lot 2. The last carving, with two holes, was purchased on eBay a few months prior to my coin, and was purchased by fellow collector Bryce Knott.

Click to view enlargment. Click to view enlargment. Click to view enlargment.

The carving characteristics for "Knurly Derby" are listed as follows:

1) Hatband cut in a zig-zag pattern, most likely with a knurling tool.
2) Unaltered profile.
3) Collar is cut in one of two ways.
a. Straight collar with parallel line cuts leading to a bow on the front of the collar or. . . .
b. Plain collar with diagonal cuts leading to a bow on the front of the collar.
4) Hook shaped ear towards the back of the head.
5) Beard is punched, most likely using a knife tip.
6) Indian’s hair not entirely removed where the hairline meets the brim of the derby.
7) Simple derby and straight narrow brim.
8) Field a bit roughly dressed behind the head.
9) Date and LIBERTY left intact.