Introducing Apple Cheek

This early carver also created extensively-altered hobo nickels. I have nicknamed him “Apple Cheek” because his figures have a prominent round cheek. In addition to the two specimens illustrated here, you can see another hobo nickel by “Apple Cheek” on page 79 of the OHNS Hobo Nickel Guidebook (lot 32 of OHNS Auction 2).

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The diagnostic characteristics of hobo nickels by “Apple Cheek” are:

  1. An extensively altered profile and face: altered forehead, eye (raised eyeball, incuse eyebrow), high rounded cheek, rounded nose with altered nostril. The mouth has thick lips and may slightly open.
  2. Hat has a long, thin straight brim (extending to the borders with the front brim to the left of the “L” of LIBERTY. The hat band is textured, with no bow. There are paralled shading lines on the front and back of the dome. Some of the Indian's hair is still discernible.
  3. The carved ear is very small, and round.
  4. The dense hair and beard appears to be punched (using a short curved punch). There is no mustache (no room left for one).
  5. Simple double collar, over a poorly-dressed neck.
  6. The small field behind the large hat is decently dressed.
  7. Found on 1913 buffalo nickels.

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1995 OHNS Auction2 Lot32... While this piece shows a good deal of “raw” metal, I feel confident this is an original piece. Second authenticator felt this was not an original piece, but third authenticator judged it to be original. ~ Bill Fivaz