Introducing Big Nose

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There's no mistaking a hobo nickel made by Big Nose. Just look at that profile! While many other hobo nickel makers made hobo nickels with big noses, only those with the following diagnostic characteristics were made by Big Nose.

  1. A big rounded bulbous nose, with a bulbous nostril area (the nostril hole is not visible).
  2. A bold hat, usually with a wide, curved brim with pointed ends.
  3. A hat band that is usually ornamented; the top line of the band is not parallel to the brim.
  4. The eye is usually altered, and there is often a small pair of spectacles.
  5. A somewhat distinctive ear, with a thick outer ear and earlobe.
  6. The sideburns and mustache are punched, while the hair behind the head (which extends far back under the brim) and the pointed beard are carved.
  7. The lips are enhanced and enlarged.
  8. The field is decently dressed, with Liberty removed.
  9. The treatment of the neck and shoulder areas varies. From specimen to specimen.