Introducing Coolhead Luke

By Arturo DelFavero RM552, Keith Pedersen RM726, Candace Kagin LM777, Marc Banks RM538

While walking the floor with Keith Pedersen at the historic 2013 F.U.N. show, we were offered a "cool" hobo nickel. The dealer quoted us a price of $50 and then promptly dropped it to $45 before we could even counter. After Keith purchased the carving, I told him that I had a match to it which I had purchased on eBay for $65 back in 2002. Later that day I encountered a third matching piece while looking through the collection of Candace Kagin. Photographs were circulated amongst various club members for concurrence that all three were attributed to the same artist. Soon after the positive outcome, O.H.N.S. V.P. Marc Banks introduced a fourth coin that he had recently won in a private auction for the price of $225.

So what do we call him, "Bridge Snake" (a reference to the holed hard hat contained on each), "Cool Cap," "Hot Head," "Venty," or "Cool Head Luke?" To be honest picking a name was more difficult than coming up with the matches. In the end a vote was taken, and we now introduce to you "Cool Head Luke."

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The carving characteristics for "Cool Head Luke" are listed as follows:

  1. Textured hat with two or three air holes.
  2. Rear hat brim is placed over back feather.
  3. Front hat brim cuts through Liberty.
  4. Punched eyebrow, hair, and facial hair.
  5. Punched simple crescent shaped ear.
  6. Engraved collars over neck area.
  7. Stick pins in front of collar.
  8. Similar shoulder alterations.
  9. Dates for the most part are obliterated.
  10. Three of the specimens are smoking a cigarette or cigar.