Introducing Long Nose

Many hobo nickels have large noses, but here I am nicknaming as "Long Nose" the artist who carved the two nice, bold, distinctive hobo nickels illustrated here.

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The diagnostic characteristics of hobo nickels made by the early artist “Long Nose” are (based on these two specimens, the only ones known to me at this time):

  1. Strongly altered profile, dominated by a long large nose.
  2. The entire obverse is reworked (carved, with punched hair), except for a tiny area at or below the pointed tip of the beard.
  3. The hat has a curved thin brim, plain hat band with straight top; dome is lightly dressed.
  4. Narrow ear with raised border and thin lobe.
  5. Finely punched hair-beard-mustache, possibly nail-punched.
  6. Fine wrinkles on forehead, altered eye (small punch for eyeball), with eyebrow. Altered nostril, thin smiling mouth. Curved jaw line.
  7. Double collar. Indistinct jewel or tie at front.
  8. Date and LIBERTY removed.
  9. Finely-pounded dressed field.
  10. The specimen with the front hat brim touching the border is on a VF 1913 Type-I nickel. This other is on an AU P-minted nickel. So this artist apparently worked on early buffalo nickels.