Introducing Mine Hair

By Arturo DelFavero, RM552

In March of 2020 I noticed a hobo nickel that was offered in Stacks Bowers auction (coin 1). This lot matched some photos on archived QDs which I had pulled for future nicknaming. In a calculated move I entered a hefty bid, even though I wasn't too slick on the nickel itself. In the end I secured the coin for way under said bid. As I previously mentioned, this carving wasn't very appealing due to mostly the crude nature of manufacture. The artist seemed to be very limited in a number of skills from start to finish. One thing that stood out was that the head and facial hair were created is a similar fashion. To his credit, consistency was the strong point of his labor. I chose to nickname this artist "Mine Hair" due to the aforementioned follicle amendments.

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The carving characteristics for "Mine Hair" are listed as follows:

  1. Head hair created by widely spread apart engraved slightly curved lines.
  2. Beard stubble created by raising beads with the tip of a round graver.
  3. Ears that resemble a script E.
  4. Low placed bowler hats with adorned bands and divot ended brims.
  5. Mild alterations to profile.
  6. Three out of five displaying wide collars with lapels, two without collars.
  7. Three out of five retaining LIBERTY and date two without either.
  8. Crude scrape like work in field.