Introducing Orlando

By Marc Banks RM538 and Arturo DelFavero RM552

Among the hobo nickels OHNS archivist Art DelFavero and I acquired at the 2019 FUN Show in Orlando were two that were clearly the work of the same unknown carver. I won Example 1 below in the Heritage Auction of the Don Haley Collection and Art purchased his (Example 2) on the bourse floor. The carvings depicted bearded characters with the same short-brimmed hats, punched hair and full beards, profiles and collars. Both had alterations to the eyes and similar ears albeit different in size. Art reviewed the OHNS archives and located Example 3. Art suggested and I agreed that we nickname the unknown carver of these artworks “Orlando” after their most recent stop before becoming welcome parts of our respective collections.

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The Carving Characteristics for "Orlando" are listed as follows:

  1. Derby with band decorated with vertical lines and short brim is tilted slightly to the back of the head. The derby is outlined on Examples 1 and 2.
  2. Punched hair, moustache and beard. Some variation in the length of the beard.
  3. Ear varies in size, but exhibits punched interior detail.
  4. The eye has been altered (punched) on all three examples. A punched eyebrow has also been added to Example 3. Crow’s feet behind the eye on Examples 1 and 3.
  5. A large, rounded nose significantly changes the Indian’s profile. On Example 1 and 2 the profile is outlined. Only the tip of the nose is outlined on Example 3. The nostril is altered on all three examples.
  6. The mouth is open.
  7. A double collar, shirt and jacket, widens towards the front. A lapel is present on the jacket collar.
  8. Clean fields. LIBERTY has been removed on Example 1.
  9. The date (1914) is visible only on Example 3.