Introducing Patty nO'Hair

By Chris Dempsey, LM64

Another coin I was tickled to acquire at the Cheektowaga show was this Irishman, carved on a 1914 host coin. The night after I purchased it, I found three more carvings that sold over the years in different OHNS auctions. The second photo is from the 1999 OHNS auction; lot 39. The third photo is from 2003 auction; lot 6. Finally the fourth carving is from the 2005 auction; lot 123. A few days later, upon contacting OHNS archivist, Art DelFavero, a fifth example, which is arguably the nicest known example, was found in the OHNS guidebook.

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The carving characteristics for "Patty nO'Hair" are listed as follows:

  1. Large bald spot on the top portion of the head.
  2. Hair and beard appear to be knife cut using crescent shaped cuts.
  3. Mustache and chin stubble, where present, are crafted using a pointed punch.
  4. Simple loop cut for an ear, most with some internal detail.
  5. Wrinkles are applied liberally to the forehead, mouth area, and behind the eye.
  6. Profile is altered in front of the eye, nose, and chin.
  7. Carvings by "Patty nO'Hair" appear on early dated nickels.
  8. Occasional additions such as a pipe are added.
  9. Date and LIBERTY are left intact.