Introducing Slick

By Verne Walrafen HLM620, Art DelFavero RM522, Don Wolfe RM981

In March of 2010, I paid $336 on eBay for the first carving shown here. Then exactly one month later, to the day, a second carving came out of the woodwork in the same venue. Naturally I just HAD to have it even though my collecting friends called me names and accused me of being selfish. Everybody knows that collectors are by nature acquisitive, which is just another word for selfish. That is what makes us "collectors" obviously. Even when we try to “play nice with others” it is often difficult to share with one's friends. Unfortunately my Mother never sent me to kindergarten to learn such socialization skills... sorry Guys and Gals! I paid a substantial $323 for that second carving.

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It has been almost a year now and no more have been offered. However, Art DelFavero found a QD form from 2000 amongst the OHNS archives for the third carving shown here. Finally our good friend Don Wolfe weighed in with the fourth carving shown here out of his extensive collection. Don could not provide any specifics on neither where nor when he acquired his specimen. I am going with a nickname of “Slick” since the background is always slicked out so deeply. Also the name just feels right for this fine fellow. I can easily imagine his buddies calling out; “Hey Slick!” to him.

The Carving Characteristics for “Slick” are listed as follows:

  1. Rim graver cut extending from behind the bust, up behind the head, to the front of the hat.
  2. Dates removed but LIBERTY left intact.
  3. Punched beard done in a very neat and row like layout.
  4. Similar “C” styled ears situated like islands amongst beards.
  5. Engraved domed hat with three sections.
  6. Complicated layered high collar that lead into the top of shoulder.
  7. Line cut in front of neck to create a 3D effect.
  8. Profiles unaltered.
  9. Untouched area around mouth and lips.
  10. Liner tooling normally used to texture suit and hatband.