Introducing Stubby

By Don Wolfe RM981 and Art DelFavero HLM552

I recently won the coin with the hole on eBay. I saw that it might match up to a coin already in my collection. Not only did it match up but I had it marked as a Three’s a Match. Turns out this was a Three’s a Match but the other coin is one in the late Art Del Favero’s collection. After discussing this with Marc Banks, we talked about a possible name. Because of the punch marks of hair and beard, I am going to call this carver "Stubby."

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The carving characteristics for "Stubby" are listed as follows:

  1. The bottom part of ear forms a hook much like a fishhook and is approximately centered on head.
  2. Domed hat has horizontal accent lines and brim is wrap-around in front; rectangular or wrap-around at rear.
  3. Hat band has horizontal lines and a bow is series of cross hatched lines.
  4. Hair appears to have been made with liner tool.
  5. Beard was punched with knife or point of chisel and eyebrow is also chisel-pointed.
  6. Shoulder also liner-tooled.
  7. Collar has both shirt and coat collars. Coat collar has horizontal lines and coat has vertical lines that appear mostly be cut lines.
  8. At front of collar is a stickpin with lines radiating out from it.
  9. Fields are dressed and the date and Liberty are removed giving the coins a semi-cameo appearance.