Introducing Tex Ture

By Art DelFavero RM552

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On 9-11-06 I received a nickel won on eBay for the sum of $52.00. As always upon any new purchase, my instinct is to examine then activate a search for like nickels. After looking through our 3 reference books, I noticed only one match, which is found on page 28 of Steve Alpert's Hobo Nickel Guide (2nd row, 1st left). At this point I let some time pass.

Fast forwarding a couple of months, it was now time for one of my days dedicated to old Bo Tales and auction catalogues. This day proved to be fruitful. I found two matches for a couple of specimens, but my big find was in the 2005 auction. Lot 12 was a 3rd match for our soon to be nicknamed friend.

It did take a while to figure out a name, all three coins have distinct but non distinct attributes. At first the only one that stood out was that the ornament on the hat band was to the left of center, but on our 4th specimen which came by way of the 2008 OHNS auction this was not so. It was at this time I went to another feature, the textured hat. (textured hat, textured hat, “Tex Ture”) and now he's in the books.

In 2005 Lot 12 sold for $137.50, and in 2008 Lot 93 sold for $165.00 which gives us an average price of $ 118.16 (this price is based on only the three known hammers).

The carving characteristics for “Tex Ture” are listed as follows:

  1. Wriggle cut textured hat
  2. Very high domed hat
  3. Identical hat band ornament positioned to the left side of the hat (greatly on 3 specimens)
  4. Distinct cut behind the nostril
  5. Alterations to the profile creating a similar face
  6. Similar collars
  7. Lightly featured hair and beard created by combination of punching an wriggling
  8. Moderate work in the field

My personal assessment of quality for this carver is average to above average.