Introducing The Barker

By Art DelFavero RM552

An incredible thing happened to me at the 2013 O.H.N.S. auction. A couple who I had never seen before sat in the row in front of me. As the auction formalities were being reviewed the man and wife team turned to me and showed me a hobo nickel, clearly they wanted an opinion of their coin. I promptly told them that it was a nice one, and also asked them what the scoop was. They told me it was for sale and to make them an offer. I told them I would pay $200 and they told me they were looking for $350 cash. With some quick finagling and some help from Keith Pedersen I was able to oblige them.

Though I didn't directly win anything from the auction, I still felt I walked away with one of the better offerings in the room that day. Though very standard in design it has become one of my favorites. This artist really knew what he was doing, as the work is amazing. One thing that stands out is that the host coin is slightly dapped forward from the reverse. In other words the subject pops out a little.

Recently, two more matches have surfaced by way of Ralph Winter, and Chris Dempsey. Now the hard part, what would be a good nickname as the criteria have been established for this purpose? After much pondering I noticed that the subject looks very put together, and possibly persuasive in nature. His looks reminded me of proverbial sideshow promoter. So ladies and gentlemen, step right up and meet "The Barker."

Click to view enlargment. Click to view enlargment. Click to view enlargment.

The carving characteristics for "The Barker" are as follows:

  1. Clean workmanship which includes engraving, punching sculpting ,and peening.
  2. 3 dimensional textured hats, with 2 having bows directly above the ear and slightly beyond the wrap around brims.
  3. Nicely styled anatomical ears.
  4. Modified eyes.
  5. Slight changes to the profile.
  6. Head and facial hair including bangs, and beards that go to coin's edge.
  7. Lips modified.
  8. Similar collars with matching looks.
  9. Shoulder area with date obliterated.
  10. Nice clean field work with LIBERTY left intact.