Introducing The Drifter

By Art DelFavero RM552

Back some time ago I was given photos of three matching coins and ask to do a write-up for formal nicknaming. Our artist has created a coin that resembles "Tufty" somewhat, but if you look closely you pick out subtle, to very pronounced differences. Two that stick out to me are a more elaborate neck, collar, and shoulder area, and lightness in carving technique. In other words "Tufty" had a simpler approach and was also heavier handed.

The submitter of these coins felt that the subject had a wayward look about him, somewhat like the classic drifter would possess. Not so sold on the nickname, I pondered it as I examined the photos. All at once it hit me; this was the perfect name for this non distinct, almost unnoticeable subject. I now present to you "The Drifter."

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The carving characteristics for "The Drifter" are as follows:

  1. A high domed derby hat with hatband (one example adorned), and a wide brim.
  2. Larger than normal engraved and somewhat sculpted ear.
  3. Thick but finely punched-in head and facial hair which includes a tuft off the forehead.
  4. Similar three-phase neck, collar, and shoulder work.
  5. Minor work to the profile which includes a "V" notch above the nose.
  6. LIBERTY and date removed.
  7. Nice smooth work in the field.