Introducing The Jeweler

By Ralph Winter HLM37, Chris Dempsey LM64

I placed the winning bid for the first nickel pictured below in OHNS Auction 21 in January of 2013. It's carved on a Indian head type 2 nickel. The second coin pictured was originally owned by Nick Pyle and is on a 1913 Type 1 nickel. It appears to have been gold plated at one time. The third pictured coin comes from Chris Dempsey who saw the first two coins in the "Three's A Match" column of the summer 2014 issue of BoTales. Chris picked up his example on the bourse floor of the 2013 FUN Convention. It's on an Indian head type 2 nickel. We chose the name "The Jeweler" for the artist’s penchant for adding a jeweled insert to represent a diamond stickpin. In all likelihood, the artist was probably a jeweler or engraver or out of work jeweler.

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The carving characteristics for "The Jeweler" are as follows:

  1. The double collar is enhanced with a jeweled (diamond insert) stick pin. (First example has a depression at the location of the pin may have once held a jewel or stone.). Appears that the carver started to drill a hole on the 3rd coin but changed his mind.
  2. Hat has a straight raised brim with two vent holes.
  3. Hat band with a bow, both accented with fine lines.
  4. Hair and beard punched, latter done to resemble stubble.
  5. Ears have wide outer rims and somewhat oval shaped.
  6. All examples thus far have cigarette hanging from the subject’s mouth.
  7. The nose is altered at the bridge and tip.
  8. Fields are cleanly dressed.
  9. LIBERTY and date removed.
  10. All lettering on reverse of first two examples removed. Lettering intact on 3rd specimen.
  11. Above average to superior carving quality.