Introducing The Pitchback

By Arturo DelFavero RM-552, Ralph Winter HLM-37, Marc Banks RM-538

In March of 2019 I was fortunate to win a beautiful hobo nickel for the amazing price of $83.27 which included shipping (1st shown). Soon After O.H.N.S. Auction Manager Marc Banks alerted me that our Editor Ralph Winter had once owned two matches but perhaps later selling or trading one away. One of them was featured as lot # 25 in O.H.N.S. Auction 26 (2nd shown) and the other was randomly purchased (3rd shown).

These expertly executed pieces display a three-dimensional hat that sits pitched towards the back of head, hence the name. This very skilled artist uses advanced old-world engraving skills to create each of these fine works of art. At the moment all known are considered either cameo or partial cameo carvings as the field has been completely smoothed.

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The carving characteristics for "The Pitch Back" are listed as follows:

  1. Three dimensional hats that sit angled towards the rear of head.
  2. Ears that over-lap the hat brim.
  3. Finely engraved head and facial hair.
  4. Very slightly altered profiles.
  5. Cleaned neck area.
  6. Nicely engraved collar and shoulder areas and the appearance of a neck-tie (two showing matched collar design).
  7. LIBERTY and date complexly removed to create a true cameo effect.
  8. Fine Liner or Florentine tool used to highlight and shade multiple areas.
  9. Two specimens sporting Amish style beards.