Introducing Tiny Ear

By Steve Alpert LM10

This early unknown artist I am nicknaming “Tiny Ear” based on the little bit of an ear between the thin beard and the small amount of hair at the back of the head. I know of only these two examples pictured here.

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Additional diagnostic features of a hobo nickel by “Tiny Ear” are:

  1. A hat tilted back on the head, with a narrow groove brim (ending to the left of the “L” of LIBERTY), a thin band (textured with vertical grooves; another groove forms its top); a textured dome to obliterate the Indian's hair (vertical, plus horizontal or zigzag fine groves).
  2. Small diamond or wedge-shaped punches form the hair and trim beard and mustache (which obscures the mouth).
  3. The profile is altered. A thin groove parallels the forehead and nose. The eye is altered and has an eyebrow. The nostril is enhanced. A couple of grooves are on the cheek near the nostril.
  4. A simple groove or two forms the collar.
  5. The neck and field behind the head is decently dressed.

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Additional “Tiny Ear” Carving