OHNS Auction #30 Rules

Welcome to the thirtieth OHNS Hobo Nickel Auction! We hope you are successful in obtaining the lot(s) you bid on and that you enjoy the fun and fellowship of one of the fastest growing numismatic clubs in the country! Bid liberally and with confidence that each lot is described completely and accurately. We ask that you review the Auction Rules below and adhere to them closely which will make it a fun auction for everyone. GOOD LUCK!

  1. All lots are guaranteed as described. Any typos or other errors will be called to your attention at the beginning of the auction.
  2. Bidding is open to all paid up (thru 2024) members of OHNS, and will be conducted on both a Mail Bid and Floor Bid basis.
  3. ALL Mail bids must be sent to Marc Banks, PO Box 5, Avon, CT 06001-0005 and received by December 31, 2023. You may scan your bid sheet and email as an attachment to Marc at banksmarc@sbcglobal.net. Or call Marc at 860-658-7482 if you have any questions about bidding.
  4. The certification or quality designation papers for lots examined by OHNS will accompany each lot unless otherwise indicated. A photo is also included. No OHNS QD paperwork for hobo tokens, hobo postcards, and multi-coin bulk lots (unless noted).
  5. There will be a 10% buyer's fee and a 5% seller's fee.
  6. Owners may submit one (1) mail bid on each of their coins. This will serve as a "minimum bid" if the owner desires. NO floor bids will be accepted from an owner on their coins. If the owner wins his/her own lot, they are obligated to pay both the 5% seller's fee and 10% buyer's fee. Contact Marc Banks if you have any questions.
  7. NO unlimited bids will be accepted. The Bidder's OHNS number must be included on all Mail Bids. This number will also be your floor bidding number.
  8. ALL payments must be made by CHECK (preferred) or cash only, with checks being made out to Marc Banks. PLEASE include your OHNS number on all checks. Have any questions about this sale? Phone Marc at 860-658-7482 or email at banksmarc@sbcglobal.net.
  9. Postage and insurance will be added to the invoice for all successful Mail Bidders.
  10. All sales are final, and payments must be made promptly.
  11. A list of prices realized will appear in the next BoTales and will also be posted on the OHNS website at: www.hobonickels.org following the auction.

Auction #30 Catalog Descriptions

For those unfamiliar with our OHNS Auction Catalog, there are several designations and abbreviations used.

  1. Unless otherwise noted, all carvings described are on Buffalo (1913-1938) nickels.
  2. Each lot with a Quality Designation (QD) has been reviewed and graded by two authenticators. The authenticators' last names appear at the beginning of each description. The QD or Registration (used in early years) number is listed in the item description.
  3. If the carving's artist is known, the name is listed and if the carving is a Classic (old, original) or Modern (carved since 1980) just below the lot number's photo.
  4. Right after the "Classic" or "Modern" designation, you will find a quality designation (Superior, Above Average, Average) for the carving itself. If the authenticators disagree as to the carving's quality, two levels will be noted. For example Ave/Ave(L) means the first authenticator indicated the carving grades Average and the second authenticator indicates the grade is Average (Low). Note that abbreviations like Abv for Above, Sup for Superior and Ave for Average may be used to save space.
  5. An estimate of the grade of the nickel itself (G or Good, VG or Very Good, F or Fine, or XF or Extra Fine, etc.) is also noted just below the coin's photo.
  6. If the host coin's date is legible, the date (and mint mark if known) is also noted just below the coin's photo. If the date has been removed or worn off, the description will be either "ND" or "No Date."
  7. The lot number descriptions are a summary of the information provided by the two authenticators on the QD form. If there is a significant disagreement on the carving or who the artist is, this will be noted in the description. In many cases there is not enough room to include all the Authenticators' remarks in the catalog descriptions. Please contact Ralph Winter (see page 3 for contact information) if you have a question about a particular lot. Also please note that most all of the modern carvings have been signed in some manner. Again, contact Ralph Winter if you have a question about this.
  8. If larger pictures are needed to make a bidding decision, digital photographs of any lots pictured in this catalog can be obtained by emailing Ralph Winter (see page 3).
  9. Any lots where the proceeds are going to a charity or OHNS will be noted in the catalog.
  10. An Auction 30 Bid Sheet can be found on page 22. You may photocopy this page. You may also download an Auction Bid sheet from the OHNS website.
  11. NOTE: *** In front of the lot number indicates a lot from the Art DelFavero family collection.


    I hope everyone is doing well. I am looking forward to OHNS's Auction 30. The auction will be held on Saturday January 6, 2024, at the FUN show in Orlando Florida. Auction 30 will feature the largest selection of different nicknamed carvers I can remember. Many of these are from the collection of the late Arturo DelFavero collection. Art wore many hats for OHNS. Many of you will remember him as an OHNS's archivist, QD examiner and a great spokesperson for the group. Art was also an accomplished hobo nickel carver. One of his carvings, a superior carving of Uncle Sam is in this auction. Art was an expert at identifying the works of specific classic carvers and his knowledge of hobo nickels was second to none.

    Highlights of this year's auction include an exceptional carving by Bertram "BERT" Wiegand and a beautiful, semi-cameo carving by George Washington "Bo" Hughes. There are also many quality original carvings by unknown artists, many well-known contemporary carvers and a great selection of postcard lots. Whatever your interest or level of collecting, there are plenty of opportunities to add to your collections.

    We hope that we get to see many of you at the FUN Show. For those unable to attend the FUN Show, the auction lots can be viewed in color on the OHNS web site www.hobonickels.org. Bid the most you want to pay for a lot, at the live auction we will bid for you up to your maximum amount. You could win lots for less than your bid. At the show we will have the auctions lots available for you to preview at the OHNS bourse table on Thursday and Friday and at the OHNS meeting and auction room on Saturday prior to the auction which follows the 10 AM general meeting. I am pleased to once again announce that OHNS Honorary Life Member Allen Cowart, owner of Cowart Auction Company in Cocoa Florida, will be our auctioneer for this auction.

    You can submit your bid by postal mail or email but must be received no later than December 30, 2023. As in the past, we cannot accept phone bids. If you have any questions about the auction I can be contacted by either email or phone. Please submit your bids early! I wish everyone good luck. Send bids to: Marc Banks email: banksmarc@sbcglobal.net P.O. Box 5, Avon, CT 06001 phone: 860-658-7482

    Apache 6, 13
    Automobile 10
    Bald man 6, 19
    Baseball 16
    Boy wearing cap 6
    Bum 16
    Centennial Hobo Carving 20
    Chinaman 7
    Chinese Coolie 13
    Civil War Soldier 9, 15
    Clean Shaven Man 11
    Clown 8 ,9,14,15
    Curly haired man 9
    Daniel Boone 6
    Double Sided 14
    Earwig 13
    Elephant 8
    Gentleman 7
    Gold Plated Carving 14
    Hatless Men 6, 9, 14, 18
    Hiking Hobo 6
    Hobo Postcards 16,17,63,80
    Hobo w/small derby 14
    Indian 10 , 20
    Indian w/headdress 13,15,16
    Jesus & 12 Disciples 12
    Jewish Man 7
    Jockey, 18
    Leprechaun 13
    Man "Under the Lib-er Tree" 7
    Man Smoking a Cigarette or cigar 8, 14
    Man Smoking a Pipe 8, 16
    Man wearing a Fedora 6, 13
    Man with a FEZ Hat 6
    Man with a large hat 6
    Man with goatee 6, 9, 15, 16, 18
    Man with moustache 9, 11, 15, 18
    Man with no hat 9, 14
    Man w/stocking hat/cap 9
    Mohawk 6
    OHNS Token 14
    Pegasus 10
    Pope 17
    Postcards 16,17,63,80
    Reverse Carving 5, 8, 10
    Roman 20
    Sailor 6
    Santa 16
    Sea Captain 7
    Soldier 6, 7, 9, 15, 18
    Straw/Boat Hat 7,11,12,15
    Token 14
    Uncle Sam 20
    Unknown Classic Carving 7, 8, 9, 14, 16, 20
    Woman 11, 16
    Wooly Bison 10
    "LEM NY" 15
    Bertram "Bert" Wiegand 16
    Bill Jameson 6,7 ,11 15,17
    Chad Smith 13
    Cinco de Arturo 20
    Craig Johnson 13
    Dave Deaton 9
    Eric Truitt 13
    Frank Brazzell 8, 12, 15, 18
    Frank Smith 13
    Gedi Palsis 7
    George Washington "Bo" Hughes 14
    Jackie Allen 6, 16
    James Stewart 7
    Joe Paonessa 13
    John Carter 7
    John Dorusa 12, 20
    Keith Pedersen 15
    Matt Petitdemange 7
    Michael Swartzlander 7
    Mike Barbera 9
    Mike Pezak 9, 10, 11, 15
    Owen Covert
    Ray Castro 9
    Ryan Covert 9
    Sam Alfano 10, 11, 14
    Shane Hunter 9
    Steve Adams 13
    Wabon Eddings 16
    Adam Apple 11
    Billy Acher 18
    Bird Beak 12
    Bowin 19
    Bug Eye 10
    Cosa Nostril 10
    David Star 7
    Devil Beard 17
    Droopy 16
    Flat Nose 17, 21
    Fro Bo 16
    Hy Ear 19
    Melon Head 9
    Mine Hair 19
    Needle Ear 13
    Renaissance Man 13
    Rough Beard 10
    Schnozz 15
    Sharp Ear 13
    Smoking Joe 14
    Smoothie 18
    Sniffs 7
    Spiffy 17
    Star Man 20
    Stiff Lip 7
    Tall Ear 19
    The Gambler 11
    The Physician 6
    The Shark 18
    The Worrier 6
    Tufty 12, 19
    Virtuoso 18
    Walter Vaulter 20
    Wild Man 19
    Wrinkles 12
    Don Priebe 16, 17, 63 ,80

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