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OHNS Charter Members

Extracted by Donald E. Farnsworth from BoTales, Vol.1 No.1 Pg.2, December 1992 with historical changes noted by the OHNS Board..

Contributing Charter Life Members - CLM
Bill "Zemo" Fivaz
Dallas "Colonel" Shaw
Gail "Bo-ette" Kraljevich (Baker)
Wayne "5 O'Clock" Sherbert
Rich "Paladin" Schemmer
Peter "Picker" LaComb
Chuck "Buddah" Irwin

Charter Regular Members - CM
Donald "Sport" Farnsworth
Billy "King Critter" Ware
J.T. "Bubba" Stanton

Charter Junior Members (BoWeevils) - CJM
John "Junior" Kraljevich, Jr.

Honorary Charter Life Members - HCLM
Delma K. "Slickrock" Romines
John "Trapper" Kleis

Current Officers

Past Officers

Charter Members