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###  Mama Jo's Tracks  ###
Kick Start 2007 at FUN & OHNS General Meeting and Auction  . . .  15 January 2007
FUN at OHNS  . . .  6 February 2006
The Touch of the Master's Hand  . . .  3 November 2005
Reach Out and Touch Someone  . . .  14 October 2005
I Will Work For Gasoline  . . .  10 September 2005
National Hobo Convention  . . .  15 August 2005
Hobo Days − Britt, Iowa − August 11-13  . . .  30 July 2005
15 January 2007
###  Kick Start 2007 at FUN & OHNS General Meeting and Auction  ###
  −by  Mama Jo  (Hobo Queen 2003-2004)

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We just returned home from a Florida vacation. We missed going to Disney World and all the exciting breath taking thrilling rides there. Our trip, however, wasn抰 without thrills as we got to Missouri. St. Louis was hit with an ice storm as well as Kansas City. I-70 highway looked like a grave-side for several vehicles in the ditches. People were taken to safety and the vehicles just left. Three vehicles were turned upside down in the ditch. Dennis has a GPS in the truck showing mileage to our home address. We got within 21 miles from our home and had to park on an 搃ce rink parking lot of a closed mall. We stopped by 6:30 PM to spend the night there. We played cards until 10:00 PM. The battery kept getting low running the furnace. We decided to try to get home leaving the parking lot at 4:30 AM in the morning. We got home safe.
Kick Start 2007 at FUN is what the program was titled. It was the Florida United Numismatists, Inc. 52nd Annual Convention. We were there to visit one booth and got to a general meeting and see two different auctions. The booth was OHNS (Original Hobo Nickel Society). The auctions were OHNS hobo nickel auction and Troy Wiseman Collection of Hobo Nickels (professional auctioned by Heritage Auction Galleries).
OHNS had 85 lots to sale with three of the lots being hobo post cards (2 lots), Hobo Bum Fortune Cards (1 lot) and the rest hobo nickels. Lot #84 is the hobo nickel that most impressed me. It was carved by James Olivencia. He was at the auction. It was a pleasure to meet him. The interesting carving of this coin was of JFK (to the left) and his son John as a child saluting his father抯 casket as it passed by. It had the American Flag in the background. As Bill Fivaz started the auction he got emotional and asked Steve Alpert to auction the coin. The detail was fantastic. The coin reflected the past of a President being assassinated and his son during the funeral precession. The hobo nickel sold for $750.00. James Olivencia donated the entire $750.00 to OHNS. Hobo Nickels sold from $20.00 up to $3,500 at the OHNS Auction. OHNS donates money for scholarships to the youth.
The second auction was the Troy Wiseman Collection of Hobo Nickels. Greg Rohan, President of Heritage Auction Galleries stated in the catalog, Welcome again to the 揂uction of the Century, and good luck with your bidding on these Hobo Nickels. This was an amazing collection of 96 hobo nickels. One hobo nickel sold for $5,000. Troy Wiseman exceptional collector, businessman, philanthropist, and a nice young man- is involved in a global problem through world wide ministry of the World, which Troy co-founded in 1993, and which has funded the construction of over 500 orphanages in 46 countries and has rescued over 25,000 children. Wow! The money collected from this auction was all donated to World Orphan. I had the pleasure meeting Troy and his son, Coord last year at the OHNS event. I was interested in bidding on hobo post cards. The bid started behind me. I then raised my hand to bid. The auctioneer went to the first bidder and he replied I won抰 bid against the hobo queen. I turned to him and said please go ahead and bid but he wouldn抰 and I won the post cards. Coord and I have been writing to each other the past year. He has the hobo moniker of Dumpster Diver. He had written me about a trip his father, Troy took him to Africa. Coord is the youth of tomorrow who will make a difference like his father has already done.
We had a great trip and fun at both auctions. If you do not belong to OHNS it only cost $15.00 a year to join. You are sent a subscription to Bo Tales which has interesting stories. You receive an Auction catalogue in November. You can email bids on hobo nickels if you can抰 go to the Auction. If you are interested I will be glad to make sure you get the application blank.

Hugs− Mama Jo... Monday, February 6, 2005 11:37AM
6 February 2006
###  FUN at OHNS  ###   −by  Mama Jo  (Hobo Queen 2003-2004)

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In January Hobo Santa and I took a trip to Orlando, Florida. The purpose of the trip was to have FUN at OHNS which stands for Florida United Numismatists at Original Hobo Nickel Society. The large room at the civic center had over 500 booths but booth #449 was the booth representing OHNS.
I had three reasons I wanted to go to this coin show. First, I have been in contact with Mike Pezak, hobo nickel carver. I thought he would be there and wanted to meet him. He supported the Queens Drive in Britt by donating the profit from sales of hobo nickels he had carved. I wanted to acknowledge him for doing this. Second, New York Greenie was a speaker there years ago. We had several conversations about the organization. He had a great time there. Third, it peeked my curiosity.
The first person I met at the show was Don H2O Hailey. He resides in Florida. His job is sales, FL Corp. Agent, FUN representative, ANA Bourse. This is a big job and he is the man to fill the shoes to get it done. He was very good at his job. He had me sit at the booth and begin to show me coins. He showed me a fantastic hobo nickel collection owned by Verne 揤-Dubya Walrafen, known at the mastermind of OHNS website. It is a fantastic site He introduced me to a guy wearing a top hat. It was 揤-Dubya who is a regular showman. H2O then acquainted me to the show case holding all the hobo nickels to be auctioned. He let me examine them one by one loaning me his magnifying glass. H2O introduced me to Archie 揜ollie Taylor II, President of OHNS, a man dedicated to OHNS and to having fun. Later in the afternoon I met Bill 揨emo Fivaz, a man of many talents such as Past President OHNS, Examiner of Hobo Nickels to be auctioned, Auctioneer, and just a down to earth good person. His sweet wife 揅ookie each year makes homemade hobo stew and serves to everyone.
On Saturday I was honored to meet seven Hobo Nickel Carvers. They were Owen Covert, Keith Pedersen, Ron Landis, Robert 揃ob Shamey, Cinco DeArturo, John Belmonte, and Lee Griffiths. Owen Covert and I had a discussion about the hobo nickels carved by Wabom 揝lim Eddings (deceased) we purchased from Horace 揔notman Hampton Jr. Owen purchased a note book filled with eighty three nickels, a book by Slim, and his tools.
Rollie invited me to the OHNS Board meeting. At the meeting Gail 揃o-ette Baker, Scholarships, QD Examiner, The American Numismatic Association, Director of Education, announced she was resigning from the OHNS board. She was honored by Rollie and will be an honorary board member. One of the topics at the board meeting is to have two auctions a year one in Florida and the other in Colorado. The money goes to scholarships and the Mint Gallery, a coin museum and demonstration of designing coins. Ron Landis, carver from the Mint Gallery, makes the Hobo Tokens sold each year. Don 揝port Farnsworth, Editor of Bo Tales and QD Examiner had a discussion he would like to research and print a hobo nickel encyclopedia. The OHNS gave him their blessing for this huge project. Steve 揟he Big One Alpert, Past President, QD Examiner, Author OHNS Hobo Nickel Guidebook, stated second printing 2005 books are available. Ralph 揃azoo Winter was name the photographer to OHNS. Candace Kagin, hobo nickel collector, was elected to the OHNS board.
A homemade souvenir (hobo flashlight) made by J. Kimzie 揝pike Cowart was passed out to everyone in the general meeting. This year he asked, 揇o you want AA or D cell? He had two sizes of homemade cute hobo flashlights. The hobo flashlight was made of a dowel rod with a small box of matches cut in to the wood at one end. The handle had the words Hobo Flashlight. He has been making and giving souvenirs away for several years at the meeting. He donated one of each of his hobo crafts to the auction. His hobo crafts sold great. I know two hobos with the moniker of 揝pike; the first being my Hobo King, Charles 揌obo Spike Gill and my new friend J. Kimzie 揝pike Cowart.
At the general meeting I met Troy Wiseman and his son Coord both avid collectors of hobo nickels and hobo memorabilia. I was impressed with Coord a young student who is following in his father抯 footsteps investing in hobo items. He was a young adult doing his own bidding at the auction. It is great to see a young polite student involved in OHNS as a lifetime member.
At the booth Candace and I were discussing hobo crafts. I was telling her about Adolph 揟he Whittler Vandertie, a hobo wood carver, I explained he carves linking chains out of wood all in one piece. She was excited and asked if I had met Bob Shamey. I knew he was a hobo nickel carver. He was standing near us. She called him over to ask him to tell me about his toothpick carvings. He showed me a pirate in detail with the parrot on his shoulder carved on a toothpick. The detail was amazing. He asked me if I could see 揚olly on his shoulder. I could. I replied as a joke did you use poly grip to keep 揚olly on the pirate抯 shoulder. We all laughed. He then showed me a chain and scissors he carved on a toothpick. He was to be on television on the Food Channel demonstrating carving on toothpicks on January 11, 2006. I was traveling and missed the show.
The bottom line is OHNS is an organization made up of great ambassadors keeping the spirit of hobos alive. Their quarterly publication BoTales specializes in hobo nickels but also has interesting stories such as Britt, The National Hobo Convention, and the book by Gypsy Moon, Done and Been, plus many more interesting hobo related stories. I advise each of my hobo family to join OHNS ($15.00 a year). I am a Hobo Queen and take interest in the National Hobo Convention each year. I have researched the organization 揌obos of America. I am now proud to say I am a paid member of OHNS and had the wonderful pleasure of meeting so many new hobos at heart like myself who are doing a fine job spreading the news about hobos. Thanks to everyone who made me feel welcome. It indeed was FUN at OHNS. I advise everyone to join and take part at the show next year.

Hugs− Mama Jo... Monday, February 6, 2005 11:37AM
3 November 2005
###  The Touch of the Master's Hand  ###   −by  Mama Jo  (Hobo Queen 2003-2004)

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Stuff! Are you a collector of stuff? I am. My aunts years ago decided for everyone in the family needed to collect something. This would help to buy items for birthdays or other occasions. At the time, my son decided to collect rhinos; my daughter liked owls; Dennis preferred to collect money but ended up collecting paper weights and I collect E.T. (from E. T. movie The Extra-Terrestrial). My E.T. collection would be a story in itself. Today, I collect hobo art/crafts and 搃nfo.
It is fun to have a collection. This leads up to what is 搒tuff worth in value. If you were to insure your contents of your home, your 搒tuff would be worth a lot to insure it. However, if you were to sale it, what is the value of your 搒tuff? The reason I am on the importance of the value of 搒tuff is Hobo Santa and I have been going to auctions.
I was amazed how cheap 搒tuff sales for at auctions. Sometime the auctioneer couldn抰 even get a bid on an item so he would add more 搒tuff to the pot until someone would finally bid.
Several years ago I received a poem story. It is one of my favorite. In fact, a friend had it framed and gave it to me as a present. I want to share it with you. It is about an auction.
The Touch of the Master抯 Hand
Twas battered and scarred, and the auctioneer thought it scarcely worth his while
to waste much time on the old violin, but held it up with a smile.
What am I bidden, good folks he cried, 揥ho抣l start the bidding for me?
A dollar, a dollar, then 揟wo! 揙nly two? 揟wo dollars, and who抣l make it three?
揟hree dollars, once, three dollars, twice, Going for three
But no, from the room far back, a gray haired man came forward and picked up the bow;
Then wiping the dust from the old violin, and tightening the loose strings,
He played a melody pure and sweet as a caroling angel sings.
The music ceased, and the auctioneer, with a voice quiet and low, said:
What am I bid for the old violin? and he held it up with the bow.
A thousand dollars, and who will make it two! Two thousand! And who will make it three?
Three thousand, once, three thousand, twice, and going, and gone said he.
The people cheered, but some of them cried, 揥e do not quite understand
what changed its worth Swift came the reply: 揟he Touch of the Master抯 Hand.
And many a man with life out of tune, and battered and scarred with sin,
Is auctioned cheap to the thoughtless crowd, much like the old violin.
A 搈ess of pottage, a glass of wine, A game and he travels on.
He is 揼oing once, and 揼oing twice, He抯 揼oing and almost 揼one.
But the Master comes, and the foolish crowd never can quite understand
the worth of a soul and the change that wrought! By the Master抯 hand.
−the writer is unknown.
I have been told on occasion, 揥hy do you want to hang out with hobos? They are bums. Sometimes, I think of a hobo or a homeless friend as an 揗 & M person. The appearance on the outside may be hard as you look at him/her but the personality on the inside would melt your heart. You have heard the advertisement for M & M抯, hard on the outside but soft (melt) on the inside.
This poem reminds me of my hobo and homeless friends. By appearance a person may shy away from a hobo or homeless person. If only a person would take the time to get to know this person. Appearance can be very deceiving. It抯 what is inside that makes a difference. Some of my very best friends that I love dearly are hobos and homeless people.
A true hobo who rides the rails isn抰 concerned about collecting 搒tuff. He/she has a wandering lust to see America by rails. He/she has only the necessity items for survival in their bindle. He/she may find day labor or migrant work to help pay their way. It is only temporary work as they travel from one place to another.
Today, several people are part-time hobos. He/she work and take their vacation riding the rails. They love to experience the ways of hobo life but still have the modern convenience of a home, employment, car and lots of 搒tuff.

Hugs− Mama Jo... Thursday, November 3, 2005 1:42AM
14 October 2005
###  Reach Out and Touch Someone  ###   −by  Mama Jo  (Hobo Queen 2003-2004)

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Queen Slo Freight Ben touched me... I opened the mail box and greatly surprised was a letter from Queen Slo Freight Ben. It was bulging. I could hardly wait to see what she had to say or what was causing the envelope to bulge.
After opening the envelope a white medical glove decorated with a face was the cause of most of the bulge. On the envelope was a note... “Blow me up and see what you get.” It is cute. She had made a cute ghost out of the medical glove in time for Halloween.
She included a newspaper clipping titled...

Urban Halloweeners Had Fun without Tick-or-Treating
     When we moved to a rural area of Pennsylvania, we were in for lots of surprises梚ncluding the way Halloween was celebrated. We抎 never even heard of trick-or-treating!
     In the city, we started our celebration by filling old socks with ashes from the coal stoves. Then we fling them at each other, calling, "Ashes to ashes!" We wore old clothes for that because we always came home covered with white ash marks! Doesn抰 this sound like it could be a hobo game?
     Later, we抎 dunk for apples. Mother would put apples in a water-filled tub, and then we抎 put our hands behind our backs, kneel over and try to pick up apples with our teeth. (I did this with my own children when they were small, and they still talk about it!)
     Mother made our game even more exciting by slipping a coin into each apple. Usually it was a penny, but sometimes we抎 find a nickel or a dime.
     After we dried off, Mother would bring out a Halloween cake from the bakery, complete with a spinning witch on top. Inside each slice of cake was a prize like the ones in boxes of Cracker Jack. It was a wonderful evening, everyone was safe at home and the parents got to enjoy it too. −article by Cathy Kuhn.

Another article she included was titled...

Give Thanks through correspondence
     My wife and I are very fortunate. We have enough to eat, a warm, soft bed and a rain-tight roof over our heads. We try to give thanks everyday, not just on Thanksgiving.
     One way I give thanks is to write to friends who need mail. I send letters and notes to friends and relatives who live many miles away. One couple I correspond with was my parents friends and they don抰 get out much anymore. They appreciate a newsy letter about my garden or people we know. −the writer is unknown.

My thanks go out nearly every day in the form of letters or short notes and cards, congratulating others on anniversaries, birthdays and achievements. Some express condolence during sad times. I was saddened by a phone call from CT. Tootsie to get the news on my trip that Florence DeLorenzo had caught the westbound. Fran, Hobo Minstrel, keeps us updated with hobo news on the computer with the Grapevine. If you haven抰 sent him a note of sympathy I know he would love to hear from you during his time of grief. He can use our support. I am thankful for all we have, and I try to show my thanks daily with a pen, paper, and stamp.
This article was pasted on a white index card. On the side of the article Queen Slo Freight Ben wrote, I thank God every day for knowing and loving you. You are one great Queen. I didn抰 get a chance to visit with you at Britt.
This article reminded me about a special lady living in a care center still reaching out and touching friends by letters. Wanda remarked to me once on a phone call how Steamtrain sent hundreds of letters to hobos and people. He would love to hear from hobos but the mailbox is empty most days.
She had the words, Thanksgiving Day glued on another index card. Last but not least a little slip of paper was folded over. She had put three Halloween stickers on the piece of paper. A note stated, Hope this helps the museum in some small way. Have a spooky Halloween Day. Inside the note was a dollar bill for the Queen抯 Drive.
It would be great if the Hobo Foundation would receive a huge donation like Fran, the hobo minstrel is asking for on the Grapevine. But until this happens as a Hobo Queen I will keep asking for everyone to save their change. You know the Queens Drive Slogan: Change the Old museum to the New museum with change. The change adds up. Have you started your bank for the Queens Drive in Britt in August 2006? Please help us by saving change for the telethon. We take dollars bills too.
Queen Slo Freight Ben who I call Queen Mom made my day in many ways. You too can make a difference by emailing, snail mailing, or picking up a phone and calling someone.
You can be a part of helping to build the new museum by collecting your change, it adds up when the total is given at the end of the telethon.
A special thank you to Queen Slo Freight Ben for making my day special by receiving a cracker box filled envelope of many notes and of course a cute white medical glove ghost.

Hugs− Mama Jo... Friday, October 14, 2005 7:37PM
10 September 2005
###  I Will Work For Gasoline  ###   −by  Mama Jo  (Hobo Queen 2003-2004)

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On September 8, 2005, I did a two hour presentation to 60 nurses at Penn Valley College. I started my presentation flashing a sign, “I Will Work for Gasoline.” People are familiar with homeless panhandling or as they say flying a sign. I spent an hour talking about homelessness and an hour about hobos. I told several stories about homeless people. To go from homelessness to hobos I told a story about a young hobo, age 35 making a difference back in the 80s.
I read excerpts from a newspaper article by Dick Mitchell titled, A “hobo” travels far for homeless. The hobo knows what it抯 like to be part of what he calls “a national tragedy.” He knows what its like not to have a roof over his head and his own bed to sleep in, and what it抯 like to be rousted by railroad bulls with pistols drawn.
Standing near the Chicago and North Western RR overpass at Kinzie and Clinton Wednesday the hobo told of seeing an old man cry when he was turned away into the rain from a shelter for the homeless because there was no room (Sounds like a Christmas story I have heard). “We should never allow this to happen.” the Hobo said. “We made a commitment in the 30s to never again let an American die in the street for lack of shelter.” The hobo, who in 10 years has logged 45,000 miles by hopping freights, left New York on a 3,082-mile rail journey to Los Angeles to raise money for shelters. He seeks pledges of a penny a mile--$30.82梚n each city, to be donated to local shelters.
Coalition spokeswoman Luz Martinez estimated that there are about 20,000 homeless in Chicago. Calling Chicago抯 emergency housing situation “very dim”, she said there are only 600 beds, one for every 2,800 homeless people. The hobo said the national situation isn抰 much better, judging from those he meets in his travels. You see this hobo made a difference. He collected thousands of dollars by riding the rails and asking for pledges of $30.82 for his trip of 3,082. He sent numerous letters to friends and family asking for pledges in his fund raiser called “Penny Route”.
I was able to tell about the history of hobos and other hobo related stories. I had pictures of the National Hobo Convention that was passed around for everyone to look at. I took hobo art to show, such as, the monkey fist necklace, date nail necklace, walking stick, hobo cookbook, hobo nickel, and more.
I had a vision two years ago starting a fund raiser at Britt called the Queen抯 Drive. I ask all the queens to participate with this drive. Our slogan was “Change the old museum to the new museum with change”. For the past two years the Queen抯 Drive has raised a total of $4,434.60. This is great. The Queen抯 Drive allows all hobos to participate in saving their change even pennies for the year to bring to Britt to be a part of donating money to the new museum. Roadhog, U.S.A. is excited about the Queen抯 Drive. He plays his xylophone on the corner of streets in Salt Lake City during the year. He gets donations for his entertainment. He gives all the “pennies” to the Queen抯 Drive. He does a “great job” contributing to this fund. His pennies add up.
The hobo in the story of the Penny Route also saved change for the Queen抯 Drive. He was the largest contributor to this fund totaling over $900.00. Yes, this hobo and Roadhog, U.S.A. made a difference in a fundraiser for the new museum. Several other hobos and friends helped make a difference by donating to the Queen抯 Drive. It takes all of us together to save our change for the telethon known as the Queen抯 Drive.
Fran, the hobo minstrel is always requesting for that special person who has big bucks to donate a large sum of money. I too would like to see this person come forward who might be able to give thousands to this fund raiser. However, for now I will keep plugging and asking for “change even pennies.” It all adds up. I suggested to the nurses at the presentation for them to ask all their family and friends to help preserve and build a new hobo museum by collecting pennies. I hope next year we can double the total we have collected the past two years.
The hobo who made a difference by collecting pledges across America to help get more beds in homeless shelters is King Adman.

Hugs− Mama Jo... Saturday, September 10, 2005 5:24AM
15 August 2005
###  National Hobo Convention  ###   −by  Mama Jo  (Hobo Queen 2003-2004)

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Hobo Santa and I went a week early this year. Over the weekend we were fortunate to join L.C. Spencer, M.A.D. Mary, Grandpa Dudley, Blue Moon Bo, Lady Nightingale, Lady Sunshine, Ms. Charlotte, Loco Larry, Sunrise, and Virginia Slim in Marengo and Story City, IA for two great church services. The guests were very appreciated at the hobo talents in gospel and hobo songs, poems, and stories. Food, fellowship, and praising the Lord were shared by all who attended.
Hobo Santa and I volunteered at the Hobo Museum three days. It was a pleasure to work with Beth, a Spanish teacher, who lives in Britt. It was great talking to all the visitors. A lad of eleven years came to view the museum but had no money. I slipped Beth two dollars for Tony to enter the museum. He was excited about learning about and asked many questions. He even knew Iowa Blackie. Roadhog U.S.A. and I gave him the moniker of Mechanic Tony. Slim Tim witnessed the ceremony. Mechanic Tony asked, 揝lim Tim I live in a house. Does this mean I have to leave my home? I explained, 揘o, you are to educate everyone you meet about the great work hobos do. He spent hours at the jungle meeting hobos. He did the hobo shuffle with Slim Tim and me while other hobos collected donations during the dance. Mechanic Tony said, 揇o you think everyone danced good enough to get a lot of money for the new museum? Mechanic Tony was a delight to all the hobos who met him.
The National Hobo Convention was kicked off this year on Monday, August 5th, by Mayor Jim Nelson with the city council donating three lots of land to the Hobo Foundation. Treasurer, Mary Jo presented Mayor Jim with a check for $1.00. The new museum will be located next to Mary Jo抯 Restaurant on the corner. Connecticut. Shorty has been hard at work collecting donations and grants. She read the list of all who has donated. A picture of the envisioned museum was revealed. Hobo Santa and Mama Jo gave the Hobo Museum Curator, Linda Hughes the Gas Can Bindle that Gas Can Paddy carried during his hobo days for the museum抯 collection of artifacts.
Even the storm on Tuesday evening couldn抰 spoil the fun everyone was having. Virginia Slim remarked the next morning he had slept on a water bed with white caps included. The Community Picnic was a hit with the fine food, Baloney Kid抯 Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest, and many wonderful donations given by the crowd for the New Museum Fund.
The hobo memorial service lead by Texas Madman was held on Friday morning, August 12th. Several tears were on the hobo faces as the names of those hobos were read out loud who caught the westbound. Roadhog U.S.A., Mama Jo, and Tanner City Kid with support from Dead Eye Kate spoke about New York Greenie who caught the westbound this year. Roadhog told how they both were true hobos riding the rails and were known as 揵ridgers. Mama Jo delivered the eulogy. Tanner City Kid displayed a hat, spike and belt that had been Greenies and shared stories about him. The spirit of N.Y. Greenie was among us because he was pictured on the front page of the Hobo Guide behind the queen. During the memorial service a dump truck unloaded logs on the lot next to the cemetery. How appropriate since Greenie owned and operated a logging business.
The Ladies Tea was held Friday afternoon at St. Pats Church. The tables were decorated beautifully by 19 different lady hosts. As the featured speaker, CT. Shorty provided a 揝how and Tell of what she had packed to ride the rails as the speaker. Double B won the beautiful quilt that was raffled off.
This year several newspapers, photographers, a radio station, and journalists doing a documentary were among the crowds. Matt and Jeff doing a documentary were invited to sleep and eat at the jungle to gain a better perspective for their upcoming documentary. The first meal was salmon and corn on the cob. They stated the salmon was delicious. Kabar overhearing the comment called to Collinwood Kid asking in a loud voice, 揥here, did you get the salmon? Collinwood Kid replied. 揑 dumpster dived and it was still frozen. Everyone laughed and the guys got quite a kick out of it. The food at the jungle was g-r-e-a-t. Thanks to all who prepared the food, cleaned up, and got the shelter and restrooms ready for hobo days.
The parade had two floats for the hobos. Sandwiched in between the floats were Frog and Slo Freight in their wheelchairs and Mama Jo on her scooter. You could see hobos in a convertible, riding on the floats, in a golf cart or walking. Slim Tim saw young Mechanic Tony during the parade route and had him join him on the float. Mechanic Tony later told me, 揗ama Jo I haven抰 hopped a freight train but I did get to hop a float.
Congratulations to the new king and queen, King Iron Horse Brad and Queen Half Track. King Iron Horse Brad remarked he was not a public speaker but then he remarked his wife, Mary didn抰 even let him speak in private. The audience laughed. King Iron Horse went on to say he has been visiting schools singing and telling the children about hobos. Queen Half Track explained she met and later married Preacher Steve at a hobo convention. She related how the hobos had supported her in the loss of her son who is now buried in the Hobo Cemetery. She plans to travel to various hobo gatherings in the upcoming year.
After the King and Queen coronation, an auction was held that included several nice items that had been donated. Our thanks go out to all who donated and bought items for the fundraising auction.
Mama Jo and M.A.D. Mary started asking for pocket change from the crowd as the other queens joined them. The Queens Drive was a great success collecting over $2,000.00! Hobo from across America brought their change to add to the large container. The Queens Slogan is 揅hange the Old Museum to the New Museum with Change. Minnesota Jewell shared her talents at clogging. Serenity provided entertainment with their wonderful singing. Sunrise was joined by her family and also sang a few lovely songs. Baloney Kid sang his Penny Drive Song and assisted in music as the queens asked for donations. Crown Princess, Lady Marie, kept the running total for the tote board. Connecticut. Tootsie, Come On Pat, Hobo Santa, M.A.D. Mary, Ms. Charlotte and Mama Jo counted and counted all the donated coins.
Saturday evening the climax was the hobo wedding conducted by Hobo Spike. The Hobo Kings and Queens raised their walking sticks as the bride (Full Moon Nan) and groom (Tramp Printer) entered the jungle. They took their vows around the campfire.
This year several new entertainers, too numerous to mention here, joined the hobos. Half Track was the Master of Ceremonies. The entertainment was such a success that it went past 11:00 PM. Thanks to all who entertained. We hope to see them all next year, both the new and returning talents.
Several people joined together for church service around the campfire. After the service the jungle fire was put out. Luther the Jet played the organ at St. Pat抯 Church. He announced this was the 100th.year anniversary of the great hobo Wobble songs and he wished to conduct a sing a long of their beloved songs.
On the way home Hobo Santa and I stopped to eat at a great restaurant called Toot Toot since we enjoyed it on our way to Britt. The waitress inquired about our travels so we visited with her for a while. She mentioned that the owner knew a 損rofessional hobo but couldn抰 remember his name only that he lived in California. I inquired if it might be Guitar Whitey? And indeed it was so the owner gave me a post card of the restaurant to send to him. It is such a small world.

Hugs− Mama Jo... Monday, August 15, 2005 7:41PM
30 July 2005
###  Hobo Days − Britt, Iowa − August 11-13  ###
Upon getting to Britt stop at the gas station and get a free Hobo Guide with pictures and stories including the Hobo Convention Schedule.
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Thursday, August 11th.
8:00 AM − Hobo Men & Women Bake Sale − Mary Jo抯 Hobo House
9:00 AM − Hobo Museum and Gift shop open daily throughout convention
7:00 PM − Official lighting of the Jungle Fire at Hobo Jungle
Friday, August 12th.
9:00 AM − Hobo Memorial Service at Evergreen Cemetery
Flea Market and Hobo Museum open
2:00 PM − Ladies Tea at St. Patrick's Catholic Church (Ladies only)
4:00 PM − Hobo Poetry at the Jungle
7:00 PM − Hobo Entertainment at Jungle
Saturday, August 13th.
9:00 AM − Hobo Museum opens
10:00 AM − Giant Parade (watch near the gazebo in the City Park)
12:00 PM − Free Mulligan Stew in City Park
1:00 PM − King/Queen Coronation in City Park followed by Hobo Auction in the Gazebo
2:30 PM − Queens' Drive a mini telethon collecting donations for the new museum
Please come and enjoy the music and visiting with the Queens
7:00 PM − Hobo Entertainment at the Jungle
Hugs, Mama Jo − Hobo Queen 2003-2004
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