Introducing Adam Apple

By Chris Dempsey LM64

Since purchasing my first example by this carver, it has been one my very favorite coins out of the many that I own. Rarely do I look forward to matching a coin, much less naming it, but admittedly this one has been fun. I chose the name "Adam Apple" for the characteristic Adams Apple that this artist's carvings exhibit.

I purchased the first coin pictured as part of a small private collection of hobo nickels in late 2012. The second coin is featured on the front cover of Book 2, by Joyce Ann Romines. That coin sold in 1996, OHNS Auction Number 3, lot 64. Tyler Tyson purchased coin number three for an undisclosed amount. The previous owner of Tyler's coin found it while metal detecting. The fourth and last coin appeared on eBay just before Easter of 2013.

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The carving characteristics for "Adam Apple" are listed as follows:

  1. Throat is carved to give a bulbous Adam's Apple.
  2. Shallow Derby with a thick, straight brim.
  3. Thick hatband with three squares cut to form a bow.
  4. Shading in the hatband is sometimes present, utilizing parallel cut lines to create depth.
  5. Facial profile is heavily altered, narrowing the chin and creating a curved nose.
  6. Straight, simple collar.
  7. Date and LIBERTY are sometimes left intact, sometimes removed.