Introducing Bo De Toilette

By Chris Dempsey LM64

As my second potty nickel match following "The Woodsman," I thought this carver wouldn't be as much fun to name. Ultimately, it turned out this one was even more fun. Here is a short list of names I went through to come up with the name for this carver: Porcelain Pete, Barry Dingle, Scrappy, Squeezy, Stinker Von Thinker, Shooter, The Baker, and The Royal Commodian. And those are just the cleaner ones. Ultimately, per the usual, I was encouraged by cleaner minds to take the high road. As such, I chose "Bo de Toilette," a play on words from the French "Eau de Toilette."

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The carving characteristics for "Bo De Toilette" are as follows:

  1. Buffalo re-carved into squatting hobo leaning forward defecating.
  2. Small rounded eye and carved nose/mouth.
  3. Front legs re-carved into human legs and feet look.
  4. Sleeved arm tucking hands under the brim of his hat.
  5. Large buttocks sits on a commode.
  6. Standard derby with a simple brim.
  7. Profile of buffalo re-carved into the face of a man with beard.
  8. Folds of pants/shirt carved by utilizing single cuts above and to the left of buttocks.
  9. Legend and denomination left intact.