Introducing Bow-Up-Petite

By Chris Dempsey, LM 64 and Art DelFavero RM522

Each time a new hobo nickel trio is matched, it becomes a little harder to name them. While I appreciate the challenge, the name for this one eluded me until Art DelFavero offered the suggestion "Bow-Up-Petite."

I purchased the first example of this coin at the Spring Baltimore Show in 2014 as part of a larger group of nickels. The second example spent months and months on eBay for $1000 as a buy it now until finally the seller came down to earth and began to slowly lower his price. Eventually I was able to acquire it for a much more respectable $325. The third and final example shown was found in an online article covering "Jewish Nickels."

Each example exhibits a small bow with ends that point upward. While not a dominant theme, it is unique and not usually seen. Art DelFavero noticed this stylization first, and came up with the creative name, "Bow-Up-Petite,"" a pun on the salutation "bon appetite."

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The carving characteristics for "Bow-Up-Petite" are as follows:

  1. Hat bow consists of a center square with two "M" shaped ends, raised up from the band of the hat.
  2. Smooth domed standard derby with a sometimes wrap-around brim.
  3. Hatband stylized with vertical cuts.
  4. Large, pointed, bulbous nose created by altering the profile outward.
  5. Finely punched beard and hair that starts at the collar.
  6. Anatomically correct ear with center hollowed out.
  7. Double collar with a triangular shaped cuff at the front.
  8. Lower collar resembles the side view of a fountain pen.
  9. Two small indentations at the front of the collar represent buttonholes
  10. Smooth field behind head.
  11. Date and LIBERTY left intact.