Introducing Bow K

By Barry Homrighaus RM1548 and Art DelFavero RM552

Recently I was sent a photo by O.H.N.S. member and collector Barry Homrighaus (Example 1). I instantly recognized this classic era coin or at least another carved by the same person. So once again I went into the hunt mode starting this time with our website. About ¾ of the way through, another match surfaced (Example 2). Not finding any more I then switched to the QD archives where I found another, (Example 3).

This particular artist has always been one of my favorites due to the fine work exhibited, and also for an unusual hat ornament. The band on the hat displays a backset bow that resembles two capital letter Ks positioned in a separated mirror image. Both Barry and I agreed that these opposing Ks were a very significant feature. We ended up kicking around a couple of nicknames and in the end, we settled on "Bow K".

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The carving characteristics for "Bow K" are listed as follows:

  1. High domed Derby hats with downward turned sharp ended brims and a band featuring the back set double K bow.
  2. Double lined C shaped ears with minimal internal detail.
  3. Head and facial hair formed with a semicircular punch.
  4. Beards that extend well onto the cheek, and head hair extending forward to the forehead on two examples.
  5. Unaltered profiles.
  6. Clean and well-dressed neck areas.
  7. High V-shaped collars with added lapels.
  8. The front point of the brim points to the L, or to the left of the L of LIBERTY.
  9. The back point of the brim is close to the back of the neck and the collar.
  10. LIBERTY left intact and all dates removed.
  11. Clean recessed field work behind the head, leaving a well-defined rim.