Introducing Brew Master

By Arturo DelFavero, RM552

I recently received an e-mail inquiring about a newly acquired hobo nickel owned by a non-member (#2). Upon viewing, I noticed it was a match to a coin that I have owned for a number of years (#1). I also remembered that Member Chris Dempsey had sent me a photo of a third double sided specimen rendered by the same artist. All three coins were similar in technical execution and all included Hebrew writing. I decided to focus on the Hebrew aspect by splitting the word to He- Brew. The nickname "Brew Master" was created by combining the second portion of the segmented word with a reference to the masterful and unique creations of this artist.

The carving characteristics for "Brew Master" are as follows:

  1. All exhibit Hebrew writing.
  2. All have adorned shallow derby hats with long brims.
  3. Ears are very close in manufacture.
  4. Head and facial hair is punched.
  5. Profile modifications on two.
  6. Use of engraving, punching, and liner tool shading.
  7. Very similar collars.
  8. Dates obliterated with LIBERTY mostly removed on two.