Introducing Butterfly Bow

By Chris Dempsey LM64, Art DelFavero RM522

When the first coin pictured became available, I was able to win it despite significant interest from a few other parties who were also aware that there were other matches for it. The second coin of this carver was found buried in an old Verne Walrafen "Der Zwerver Dossier" from the OHNS website. Lastly, the third coin appeared on the banner from the 2007 Fall BoTales, which Art DelFavero located for me. The main distinguishing characteristic for this carver is the butterfly shaped bow. Having reminded me of a crude butterfly or moth in flight, I originally chose the name "Bug Bow," however, Steve Alpert's idea, "Butterfly Bow," seemed to fit much better.

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The carving characteristics for "Butterfly Bow" are as follows:

  1. Date and liberty left intact.
  2. Simple rounded derby with flat brim.
  3. Flying Butterfly shaped bow.
  4. Straight ribbon with vertical cuts the length of it.
  5. Small sliver of an ear with a single knife cut for the ear hole.
  6. Profile is slightly altered in front of the eye.
  7. Hair and beard are punched with a circle punch.
  8. A single line outlines where the carver wished the hair and beard to start and stop. Beard and hair were then added to fill in the area.
  9. Plain neck with no collar.
  10. Shading is often used with light cut lines near the date and/or behind the head.
  11. Known carvings appear on early date nickels.