Introducing Chex Mix

By Art DelFavero, RM552

My first purchase at the 2020 F.U.N. is what I considered a gambler's special (#1). Upon initial viewing I experienced a gut feeling that I had seen an example of this artists work before. Searching the old website, I found what I believed to be a match (#2). Soon afterwards a third surfaced via an O.H.N.S. auction lot submission (#3). Oddly none of the featured subjects were the same, in other words nicknaming would come down to devices and techniques utilized by the artist. I submitted my findings to the powers that be, and all agreed that these were the works of one person. Noticing that all had checkered shoulders, I decided to nickname this artist "Chex Mix" due to said shoulder and the mix of different subjects.

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The carving characteristics for "Chex Mix" are as follows:

  1. Original Native American subject is smoothed down from top of head to the rear of head.
  2. Though different, all hats are engraved and shaded in a similar fashion.
  3. Engraved C or kidney shaped ears ranging in size with little added internal detail.
  4. Beards, moustaches, and hair produced with a liner tool.
  5. Same amount of exposed facial area.
  6. Profile alterations.
  7. Smoothed fields that remove date and LIBERTY.
  8. Tall collars sitting above checkered shoulders.
  9. Eye alterations on two.