Introducing Chrome Dome

By Art DelFavero RM 552 and Stephen Alpert HLM 10

Recently, former QD examiner and past O.H.N.S. President Steve Alpert came up with two hobo nickels which he thought were executed by the same artist (specimens 1 and 2). One of the examples looked similar to a coin which I owned personally (specimen 3). Another potential match surfaced with a jaunt through the QD archives (specimen4). Eventually it was decided that three were works of the same artist, and the fourth was a stretch that could not be validated at the present moment (specimen 2).

Steve and I toiled over a nickname for the balding man depicted on said pieces. After number of mentions we decided that "Chrome Dome" was the appropriate name for this follically challenged subject. This is only the second time that the complete works of a nicknamed artist’s subjects happen to be bald.

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The carving characteristics for "Chrome Dome" are listed as follows:

  1. All depict a bald or balding man.
  2. All have well-formed very detailed ears.
  3. Necks are clean below ears.
  4. Mild profile modification is evident.
  5. All have beards with moustaches.
  6. LIBERTY remains intact on all carvings.
  7. Date shows on two though collar cuts through on one.
  8. Two have no collar.
  9. Fields are nicely executed.