Introducing Crooked Nose

By Chris Dempsey, LM64

Of all of the coins I purchased at the Cheektowaga show in October 2012, this coin was the only "standard" hobo carving. There are very few traits that set it apart from other similar carvings. The second photo is from the 1996 OHNS auction, Lot 21, while the last carving was found in the 1999 OHNS auction, Lot 52. A few days later, upon contacting OHNS archivist, Art DelFavero, a fourth example, which is arguably the nicest known example, was found in the OHNS quality designation archives.

I chose the name "Crooked Nose" because the alteration in front of the eye gives this particular carver's carvings a jagged shape to the nose, which is the most identifiable feature.

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The carving characteristics for "Crooked Nose" are listed as follows:

  1. Date mostly removed, while LIBERTY is primarily left intact.
  2. Simple rounded derby is textured using a small round punch.
  3. Plain, almost crescent hat brim; no hat band.
  4. Standard ear, hollowed out in the center.
  5. Beard, hair, and eye are punched with a circle punch.
  6. Profile is altered in front of the eye, which creates a crooked nose.
  7. Nose and mouth are lightly embellished.
  8. Simple collar and coat lapel.