Introducing David Star

By Art DelFavero, RM552

Being the club's Archivist does have its benefits, one of them being the thousands of photographs available to me at my fingertips. Recently I won a carving on eBay that matched an example shown on page 45 of book two, and owned by Don Haley. I was pleasantly surprised that the competition for this coin was basically slim to almost none. As memory served, a third match was easily located in the Q.D. archives.

All examples by this artist show a Holy Man with a Star of David adorning his prayer cap, hence the name "David Star." To my knowledge this is the first and only nicknamed artist to consistently use this religious reference.

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The carving characteristics for "David Star" are as follows:

  1. Star of David displayed on prayer cap.
  2. Vertical lines engraved on prayer cap adornment pattern.
  3. Punched Head and facial hair.
  4. No collars.
  5. Dates left intact.
  6. Similar field cleaning.
  7. Amendments to profile.
  8. Carved on mid-date nickels.
  9. Ear vaguely resembles that of "Peanut Ear" but more crude and example one and three are not as refined as the second example and are more gauged looking.