Introducing Fancy Bow

By Chris Dempsey LM64

Carvings with any kind of writing on them are generally considered to be very rare, so I was thrilled when I was able to acquire the first example shown from a prominent collector at the Michigan State Coin Show in November of 2014. The second example came to me in June of 2015, as part of a small group of above average and superior carvings. The third coin I've known about for some time, pictured on OHNS member Doc Yancho's website.

Since the name Ish Kibibble was already in use by another nicknamed carver, and the writing on these coins essentially means the same thing (i.e. I Should Worry, No Worries), I had to find another prominent feature to base the naming of these carvings from. I opted for the name "Fancy Bow," because the most identifiable feature besides the writing is the fancy 3-dimensional hat bow. "Fancy Bow" carvings with "Ich Ga Bibble" carved into them should be considered the primary variety by this carver, but because of the obvious skill of this carver, it is likely that other subsequent carvings without "Ich Ga Bibble" probably exist.

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The carving characteristics for "Fancy Bow" are as follows:

  1. Fancy hat bow with twisted loops and line engraved hat band.
  2. Standard derby with a sometimes wrap-around brim.
  3. Derby shading cut with a line engraver.
  4. Small, simple ear drops down from hat brim.
  5. Beard and eyebrow cut using short strokes, probably from a knife or crude graver.
  6. Nice, but simple V-Neck Collar.
  7. Harpoon shaped coat collar with Line Graver cuts for shading.
  8. Date left intact.
  9. Liberty removed.
  10. "ICH GA BIBBLE" inscribed above the hat on all specimens known so far.