Introducing Hatch

By Don Wolfe RM981

I bought the first nickel on eBay 2-3 years ago. I was able to buy the second coin from another collector and submitted the two as a "Three's a Match." I saw a third coin recently on eBay that was a match for the two coins I already had. After comparing the nickels, I noted several similarities that led me to believe they were done by the same carver. One of the features that all three nickels had in common was the crossed hatched lines on the hat and coat. Because of this, I liked the name "Hatch." I do not have any monetary values on any of the nickels.

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The carving characteristics for "Hatch" are as follows:

  1. Round domed hat with slightly curved brim that appears to wrap around hat.
  2. Brim starts about the "L" in LIBERTY.
  3. Carved outline of hat and shoulders.
  4. Carved hair/beard and smaller lines for eyebrows and hair on neck.
  5. Unaltered profile and fields appear smooth.
  6. Ear that looks like a large "C" in center of head.
  7. Two carved lines for collar.
  8. Cross hatched lines on hat and coat.
  9. LIBERTY remains on all examples.
  10. Date remains on one example; date removed on others.