Introducing Hawk Eye

By Marc Banks RM538

The first hobo nickel I purchased at the 2012 FUN Show in January was an interesting carving of a hobo with a high domed hat with three vent holes, an angular nose and scraggly beard. I thought it was a bargain at $75. It is shown on the left. I knew I had seen at least one other example by this carver sold on eBay and after a search on the OHNS web site and assistance from OHNS Archivist Art "Cinco" DelFavero (RM552) two other examples were found. The second specimen (center photo) was purchased on eBay for $187 by OHNS Member Don Wolfe (RM981) and is pictured on in DeZwerver Dossier #35 on the Original Hobo Nickel web site. The third specimen (right photo) is among a group of coins that appeared on the OHNS site in 2008 under "Classic Carvings going to a San Diego Coin Show" by Owen Covert. All are clearly the work of the same carver who I have named "Hawk Eye" after the raptor shaped nose and punched eye found all three examples.

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Hawk Eye Varients

The carving characteristics for "Hawk Eye" are as follows:

  1. A high domed hat with a slightly downturned brim.
  2. Two or three vent holes on the hat.
  3. A wide hat band with a bow and vertical lines.
  4. Punched eye, eyebrow and full beard with dreadlock-like spikes.
  5. A pronounced bend in the nose and a modified nostril.
  6. Two examples have no ear. The third has an oval ear low and back on the head.
  7. The collar forms an upside down V at the front.
  8. Well-dressed fields.
  9. All three coins are carved on 1913 Buffalo Nickels.