Introducing Hook Nose

By Chris Dempsey LM64 and Ralph Winter LM37

My first look at this carver showed up on eBay in November of 2011 and to my excitement, I was the high bidder. After receiving the coin I did a little bit of research and found out that Ralph Winter had previously purchased a matching example at a past FUN show. Upon contacting him, he agreed my 1917 and his 1919 were by the same carver.

Days before the end of 2011, I was searching for a match to a different coin I had purchased when I stumbled across the third example by this carver, carved on a 1914 host coin, which sold in the January Fun 2011 auction, lot 70, for a mere $220. After discussing a possible name for this carver with Ralph, we finally settled on "Hook Nose." The carving style is fairly simple, with a large majority of the coin smoothed using a flat punch.

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The Carving Characteristics for "Hook Nose" are listed as follows:

  1. Profile heavily altered, giving the subject a large hooked nose.
  2. Enlarged nostril, altered lips, sloped forehead, and enlarged eye.
  3. Field dressed with LIBERTY and date remaining.
  4. Hat, neck, face, and nose have been smoothed using a flat punch. On higher grade examples, this technique is noticeable with the naked eye.
  5. Ear is carved in an open circle with little to no inner ear detail.
  6. A collar is sometimes present, and consists of one single bar at the base of the neck.
  7. Beard and eyebrows are tightly punched, giving hair detail a thick appearance.
  8. Very wide hat with a thin brim and simple hatband.
  9. Executed on early date nickels.