Introducing Mr. Saturn

By Arturo DelFavero RM552

In 2001 I had the pleasure of purchasing a nice, average, classic era, hobo nickel from the son of one of my customers. Though this specimen was not the greatest, it still gained a special place in my heart, as it was among some of the first classics that I collected. At the time I remember admiring the work that was done, and how the minimalist approach was so effective. One standout device used by this particular artist was the hat, which reminded me of the ringed planet Saturn, hence the name.

During a F.U.N. show four years ago I had noticed a match contained in the ongoing date set collection of Corbitt Chandler. Of course I was taking note for the future. Recently a third matching specimen showed up on eBay and I was fortunate enough to grab it at a steal. At this point the criterion for naming has been reached and "Mr. Saturn" can take his place in the vast nicknamed artist solar system.

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The carving characteristics for "Mr. Saturn" are as follows:

  1. High domed hat with three dimensional brims resembling the rings of Saturn.
  2. All hat bands have a sideways hour glass or infinity sign adornment.
  3. Head and facial hair has been carved or cut in.
  4. Nicely Shaped ears with minor detailing added.
  5. Nicely dressed fields where LIBERTY is removed and dates are left intact.
  6. No Collar.
  7. Later dated host coins.
  8. Medium to darker toning.