Introducing Nostrildamas

By Stephen Alpert LM102

I obtained my specimen (left) way back in 1988 at a cost of under $20.00; it is pictured in the OHNS Guidebook on page 24. Marc Banks recently obtained a match (center coin), and Chris Dempsey purchased the third match a few years ago on eBay. I initially had difficulty selecting a nickname for this artist. But I concentrated on the elaborate highly-altered hypnotic eyes (that can probably see into the future), and the boldly enhanced and deepened nostrils, to come up with "Nostrildamus."

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The carving characteristics for "Nostrildamas" are as follows:

  1. A derby hat, with a bold, raised, slightly curved brim. The right end on the brim is at the "I" of LIBERTY on two of the coins, and to the left of the "L" on the other.
  2. The hat band has a nice bow, usually over the ear.
  3. The dome of the hat is lightly textured, or smooth.
  4. The top of the ear overlaps the brim. The ear has internal detail.
  5. The eye is greatly enhanced, with eyelids, eyeball, and eyebrow.
  6. The profile is altered with a notch above the nose at eye level.
  7. The nostril in enlarged and excavated.
  8. The hair, beard, and mustache are neatly carved.
  9. The mouth is slightly enhanced.
  10. The neck is smoothly dressed.
  11. The collar may be single or double, with a bow tie projecting at the front.
  12. The field is dressed, to varying degrees
  13. All the specimens are on 1913 nickels.