Introducing Patch Adams

By Carol Bastable RM576

This is my first find for three's a match although I had some help as a friend told me I had the third one. What is worse is that I had been on the website in early January and was specifically looking to identify my hobo nickels. They had been stored out of sight for years in my safe deposit box. I think my problem was that I failed to realize there was a second page in the quest area and admitting that may help others in their searches and discoveries. This find almost went unfound except that I emailed photos of my original classics to my friend Chris Dempsey.

The coin on the left was purchased from the January 11th 1997 OHNS Auction, Lot #10. Ron Landis was the buyer and later sold it to Verne Walrafen in November of 2007. The host coin is a 1913 Type I and interestingly the coin at center is a 1913 Type II. This center coin is from my collection and was purchased circa 1995 at the earliest to 1999 at the latest. Back then it only sold for $75 and was purchased from a dealer at a coin show. Art DelFavero owns the last coin on the right. He purchased the 1914 hobo nickel in a private auction for $76. Again, that was a bargain and surprising because that auction was held in May of 2011.

The idea of picking a name was exciting. I first thought Bald Spot and Flat Top (for the hat). Art DelFavero mentioned Patch and Patchy. Those two did not click for me. I put the write-up announcement and story on a back burner because I had plenty of time until BoTales was to go to press. Weeks went by and I did not give it any more thought until one day it popped in my head, "Patch Adams." This Patch is a famous name from a movie and would be easily remembered and just sounded right. I also thought it gave a little nod to Steve Adams. Patch was one who came before him. Although I am sure they are not related, there is a sense of nostalgia and lineage being passed down. . I hope everyone likes it too and maybe someone is lucky enough to have another of these.

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The carving characteristics for "Patch Adams" are listed as follows:

  1. Bald patch at back of head.
  2. Pork Pie hat: This is a low profile hat designed to be short and flat but when worn the head pushes it out and makes it a little rounded.
  3. Punched hair, mustache, and beard (slight upward flip to hair at the bottom point of beard).
  4. Eye and nose unaltered.
  5. Simple shoulder swoosh, no collar or clothing.
  6. Neck: Pronounced neck with nicely removed braid.
  7. Hair stops at top of neck and neck is an even width from front to back.
  8. LIBERTY and date remaining with nicely smoothed fields.
  9. Early date host coins.