Introducing Rain Beard

By Art DelFavero RM552

Recently I acquired a nickel that looked familiar to me, and as I have stated previously, being the archivist has its rewards. Upon perusing the files two matches to this carving showed up. Though limited in talent, this artist surely had his own telltale style. One of the characteristics that stuck out to me was the punching technique used to make the head and facial hair. When further examined, I noticed that the bearded portion looked like falling rain moving sideways. At this point the topic of the naming became evident.

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The carving characteristics for "Rain Beard" are as follows:

  1. All are rendered on 1913 host coins.
  2. Punched head hair, beard, and moustache.
  3. All other artwork done with use of punch.
  4. Fields are worked smooth but slightly wavy.
  5. Flat top or lower derby hats with adorned bands.
  6. Ears that resemble a U turned sideways.
  7. Enhanced mouths.
  8. Collars complete with bow ties.
  9. Date and LIBERTY left intact
  10. Deliberately darkened details with rest of coin left with a cream toning.