Introducing Rough Beard

By OHNS Guidebook

The nickname of this prolific early hobo nickel maker is based on the rough choppy beard, formed by repeated overlapping punches.

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The diagnostic characteristics of a “Rough Beard” hobo nickel are:

  1. The distinctive rough beard-hair-mustache.
  2. The large ear with an outer groove.
  3. A hat brim with pointed ends.
  4. A hat band formed by a single straight groove that is not parallel to the curved brim.
  5. The altered profile (notch at top of nose, flattened tip of nose, enlarged nostril).
  6. A distinctive double collar.

"Rough Beard" hobo nickels are found on 1913 nickels.

For additional specimens of nickels by "Rough Beard" see Joyce Romines' book, page 44, last coin on third row, and OHNS Auction 4, Aug. 1996, lot 14, and Auction 8, Jan. 2000, lot 32.