Introducing Scruffy

By Don Wolfe RM981

The first of the two coins I have in my collection and pictured below was purchased in June 2008 on eBay for approximately $200. The second coin was part of a collection I purchased from the widow of a local hobo nickel collector in February 2010. I quickly saw the similar characteristics between the two coins so I started looking for a third coin. I talked to Art DelFavero about these two coins and sent him pictures of them. Art was able to find a third coin in the archives which he provided to me. The subject's hat and old looking coat reminded me of some of the “Scruffy” homeless men I have seen around my town.

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The Carving Characteristics for “Scruffy” are listed as follows:

  1. Similar shaped domed hat with brim that gives the appearance of wrapping around the hat. Brim comes to point front and back and no hat band.
  2. LIBERTY left on all coins but date has been removed.
  3. Unaltered profile.
  4. Hair and beard are carved and beard comes to a point or near point at chin.
  5. Ear in approximate center of head and partially covered by hat. Center is cutout.
  6. Collar is two cut lines with an upside down 'V' cut into it. A dot appears just to the left of the 'V.'
  7. Vertical line cut at front of neck running from beard to collar.
  8. There is some texturing to the hat and/or the coat.