Introducing Slip

By Marc Banks RM538, Arturo DelFavero RM552

In early 2018 I purchased a classic carving (1) of the traditional bearded man wearing a domed hat with a number of distinctive characteristics. Chris Dempsey (LM47) recognized it as a match to one he had owned. Knowing that there were at least two matching carvers, I sent a photo to OHNS archivist Art DelFavero and asked him to keep his eyes open for additional works by this carver. Within two or three days super sleuth Art had located three more examples: Example 3 was posted on the internet and Examles 2 and 4 were found in the OHNS archives. I have nicknamed this carver "Slip", he "slipped" and placed the ear far back on the head on all four examples.

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The carving characteristics for "Slip" are as follows:

  1. The broad, oval-shaped ears are partially covered by the hat brim, hair and beard. The ear sits far back on the head on all four specimens.
  2. All examples to date have a hat with a domed crown and crescent shaped brim. The hat band is decorated with a wriggle cut pattern and has a bow positioned towards the back of the hat approximately over the ear. The hat is tipped far back on the head with the front brim pointing well above the L in LIBERTY.
  3. The hair, moustache and beard are neatly punched. The beard is closely cropped to the chin.
  4. No collar; remnants of the Indian's ribbons show on the shoulder.
  5. Well-dressed fields with LIBERTY left intact.
  6. All examples are on early date nickels: 1913 and 1916.