Introducing Smooch

By Arturo DelFavero RM552

Some time ago I was able to purchase a nice hobo nickel via a private sale (example 1). Upon examination I noticed that the accentuated lips on this carving looked familiar to me. Some years back, potential matches with outlined lips had been submitted to the "Three is a Match" section in our quarterly publication of BoTales. So, at that point all three photos were submitted to our panel of validators.

To my surprise, it was decided that the three did not match, though similarities were well noted. It was also decided that another specimen could possibly validate a confirmed match. In other words, a "missing link" entry was required to tie the other three together. A couple of months later I firmly believed that I have found what was needed for this feat.

While perusing the QD archives for non-related reasons I found that "missing link". I re-submitted photos of all four coins, and the match was indeed verified. I am now able to introduce new nicknamed artist "Smooch" to the world.

Click to view enlargment. Click to view enlargment. Click to view enlargment. Click to view enlargment.

The carving characteristics for "Smooch" are listed as follows:

  1. Outlined smooching lips.
  2. Domed derby hats with band and brims that curve slightly downward.
  3. C-shaped ears with minimal detail.
  4. Head hair formed with downward engraved lines.
  5. Beard and moustaches created with a beading tool.
  6. Top of noses slightly notched.
  7. High collars on all, and three showing similar detail.
  8. LIBERTY and date left intact on three specimens.
  9. Fields nicely cleaned and dressed.