Introducing Sniffs

By Art DelFavero RM552

Many years ago Steve Alpert sent me hundreds of photos of coins from his personal collection, all to be added to the archives. While flipping through the photos I noticed many stand-out examples. Among these was one that the subject displayed a pointy chin and a quite exaggerated nose. Every time I viewed this photo one thought kept hitting me, this guy looks like he smells something. Back in March of 2008, our beloved late web-master Verne Walrafen posted a match to Steve's coin. Fast forwarding nine years, a third match showed up as Lot #18 in the 2017 O.H.N.S. annual auction, and I was fortunate to win it for a fair amount. Now the requirements had been met for nicknaming, and I kept going back to that sniffing nose. That was it, "Sniffs", that would be his name. Carving and artistic characteristics for "Sniffs" are listed as follows.

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The carving characteristics for "Sniffs" are as follows:

  1. Large sniffing nose.
  2. Very similar derby style hats with un-adorned band.
  3. The front brim of the hat touches the R of Liberty on all three.
  4. Head and facial hair created with pointy tool (1st example no beard).
  5. Engraved simple ears.
  6. Head and face totally outlined.
  7. Adorned eye.
  8. Pointy chin.
  9. Enhanced mouth and lips.
  10. Cartoonish overall look.
  11. Complicated high on neck collar with tie added.
  12. Dates remaining on all three specimens.
  13. LIBERTY or partials left intact.
  14. Field work complete but a little choppy.