Introducing Squints

By Chris Dempsey LM64, Art DelFavero RM522

Although I was fortunate to acquire the first coin pictured by this carver, admittedly, all of the credit for matching my coin to the subsequent two goes to OHNS archivist Art DelFavero. I purchased this coin privately from an eBay seller whom I had purchased another coin from, and I was thrilled to own it for what I felt was a good deal at $375. After forwarding the photo to Art for an opinion, Art remembered having seen a match coin that sold in 2002 for $124.84 under the name "Ballpeen Hobo," which he subsequently found and provided me with. The next day he forwarded me the third match, the coin with the altered border, which he mentioned also sold in 2002. I felt it was only right that since Art did all the work, Art should name the carver, and as expected, he chose a great name, "Squints."

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The carving characteristics for "Squints" are listed as follows:

  1. Date, LIBERTY, and nearly all of the original detail are completely removed and re-carved.
  2. Bearding consists of small concentric circles applied with a circle punch.
  3. When present, the eyebrow consists of short cuts above the eye.
  4. Ear is essentially a tall and narrow "C" with the inner ear dished out.
  5. The high collar varies from coin to coin in style, but stops at the jaw line.
  6. Highly altered and stylized profile, with an oversized nose, re-carved eye, and embellished mouth.
  7. Three wrinkles behind the eye give the appearance of squinting.
  8. The hatband, when carved, is plain.
  9. Carvings exhibit a domed derby with a curved brim with a simple hat bow that is somewhat rectangular in shape; bow is tall and projects upward above the brim/band.