Introducing Sweet Lips

By Don Wolfe RM981, Art DelFavero RM522

Awhile back I was sharing a photo of a hobo nickel I own (1st specimen below) with Art DelFavero. He soon discovered that a hobo nickel on the bottom of page 13 (2nd coin pictured) in Steve Alpert's Hobo Nickel Guidebook was by the same carver as my nickel. Art later did a little research in the OHNS archives and came up with a third matching hobo nickel. The most distinctive feature to be seen is the outlined lips on each of the coins. Art suggested a name which I think will work. I would like to call this artist, "Sweet Lips."

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The Carving Characteristics for "Sweet Lips" are as follows:

  1. Round domed hat with slightly curved brim. Lines are carved for the brim outline and shading.
  2. Ear is carved crescent shape with part of center removed and is in the center of the head. Ear touches or is part way under hat.
  3. Profile has carved outline around nose and the nostril is flared.
  4. Hair and beard punched circles possibly with beading tool.
  5. Lines carved to outline lips which makes lips very distinct from beard.
  6. Multiple lines carved to form collar and shading for coat or the shirt.
  7. Carved on early dated nickels (1913 and 1916); the date and LIBERTY remain on the coin.