Introducing Tall Ear

Here is another talented early hobo nickel artist who made beautiful totally-carved hobo nickels. I have chosen the distinctive feature of the tall narrow ear to nickname him “Tall Ear”. Two of his works are illustrated here. Plus another nickel by “Tall Ear” was just sold in our 2003 auction (Lot 31).

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The diagnostic features of a hobo nickel by “Tall Ear” are:

  1. The distinctive tall, narrow ear, with some internal details or a deep interior.
  2. The smallish hat may have a curved or straight brim, which touches the left side of the “L” of LIBERTY. The wider hat band has a bow-like ornament in the center. The small dome is smooth.
  3. The profile is altered.
  4. The neat, slightly curly hair and the narrow beard are nicely carved. There is no mustache, but the beard may extend up above the corner of the mouth.
  5. The neck, and field behind the head, are nicely dressed smooth.
  6. The simple collar somewhat resembles that of a sailor.
  7. The carvings are found on early-dated buffalo nickels (1913-1914).

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2003 OHNS Auction 11 Lot31