Introducing The Auricle

By Chris Dempsey LM64, Art DelFavero RM522

After acquiring the first coin via eBay in August of 2012 for $220, I quickly found that it was a match to lot #1 in the 2002 OHNS Auction. As I often do when I find a match, I sent out photos to a few friends to see if perhaps they own or had seen a match. In this particular case, OHNS archivist Art DelFavero found the third carving hiding in the Quality Designation archives. After discussing names such as "Huge Ear," "Lobes," and "Otto," Art suggested the name "The Auricle," which was fitting seeing as the defining characteristic for this carver is the huge ear.

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The carving characteristics for "The Auricle" are listed as follows:

  1. Liberty is intentionally removed.
  2. Date sometimes removed arbitrarily when carving coat collar.
  3. Simple domed derby and hatband.
  4. Ribbon is comprised of two inward facing sideways "V" cuts with a center square.
  5. Thick hat brim with a slight upper curve.
  6. Huge, easily identifiable ear is carefully carved with center cleanly hollowed out.
  7. Profile slightly altered by a slight notch at the top of the nose.
  8. Hat brim cut continues through the top of the ear.
  9. Hair and bearding are comprised of short, densely packed, curved cuts.
  10. High collar with a triangular fold below the jaw.
  11. Coat collar has a small short knife cut meant to portray a buttonhole.
  12. Finishing work is clean and smooth.
  13. When dated, coins are found on early date nickels.
  14. There are two ear styles for this carver, a round top ear and a flat top ear.