Introducing The Aussie

By Fred Avan RM908, Arturo DelFavero RM552

Back in 2011 I purchased a coin from Owen Covert, and some years later another match came my way at a F.U.N. show. Fellow collector Fred Avan showed interest in the second coin so a trade was quickly made, leaving him owner of specimen #2. In March of 2018 a third coin showed up in an eBay auction. This coin matched with the exception of added pawn broker balls to the body of the hat. Again, Fred Avan was sharp and bid appropriately to garner the auction win. He and I went back and forth on possible names, and ultimately Fred noticed the turned-up Australian style hat brim, which led to "The Aussie" nickname.

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The carving characteristics for "The Aussie" are as follows:

  1. Australian style hats with turned up hat brims.
  2. Choppy punched in head and facial hair which leaves a smaller ear.
  3. Modified eye.
  4. Extremely altered profiles, and mouth modifications.
  5. High collar areas leaving shorter neck.
  6. Rolling double hump shoulder addition.
  7. LIBERTY partially removed.
  8. Dates removed.
  9. Fields slightly peened and left a little wavy.
  10. Dark toning added to recessed areas.