Introducing The Woodsman

By Chris Dempsey LM64

Ok, I'm not gonna lie, I had a good time writing this article. The finalists for naming alone made matching this carver a fun endeavor. "Potty" nickels are fairly rare, so when I had the opportunity to purchase the first carving shown from a long time hobo nickel collector in early 2013, I jumped at the opportunity.

The second carving came as part of a fairly nice group of nickels I purchased at the 2013 November Baltimore show. While that group cost me a pretty penny, it also included carvings by "Franken-Bo," "The Shark," "Ethnic Eddie," "Braidy," "Sully," and others, so I was tickled to acquire it, despite the high cost.

After acquiring the second coin, I already had nicknames on my mind, since I knew the third coin photo needed to match it was on page one of the "Nice Nickels" section of the old OHNS website. I narrowed it down to six names; "Poopsie," "Moony," "The Logger," "The Loafer," "The Woodsman," and my favorite, "William Shattner." Upon the advice of Marc Banks, I took the high road and went with "The Woodsman" because of the subject's surroundings.

Click to view enlargment. Click to view enlargment. Click to view enlargment.

The carving characteristics for "The Woodsman" are as follows:

  1. Buffalo re-carved into squatting hobo, leaning forward defecating.
  2. Small rounded ear and eye.
  3. Front legs re-carved into human legs and feet.
  4. Sleeved arm at center of coin wraps behind legs.
  5. Large buttocks with feces and phallus below.
  6. Standard derby with a simple brim.
  7. Profile of buffalo re-carved into the face of a man with beard.
  8. Folds of shirt carved above buttocks.
  9. Grass and bushes carved below and behind hobo.
  10. Examples thus far found on early date nickels.